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Web Design Services

We are a web design and internet marketing company who’s focus lies in; web design, website optimization, web marketing and web development. When choosing a web design company, the design plays an important role, but more importantly layout and content will greatly determine the success of your website. Here at Enclair we traditionally use graphic and web designers who together produce great designs, but our sites are also content rich. Equally important in web design, below are a list of factors that you should take into consideration.

When considering a website design company for your business, you shouldn’t just compare the prices. Like everything else today, you get what you pay for. You should also ask yourself: “Can the company deliver on their promises?” If a website design company tells you they can rank you on page one in the search engines, ask them to show you this working for their other clients or even their own website!

Is it possible to get on page 1, absolutely. There are several ways to do this and it will not happen with a 5 page website. For increased rankings, you need a deep site with multiple pages, back links and several other key factors. You can always pay, but at the end of your campaign you will still be left with a 5 page site and poor rankings.

Website Redesign

If your website does nothing to work towards your business goals, it’s the same as building hotel in the middle of nowhere. In fact, a poorly constructed website can have a detrimental impact on your business, as it is widely accessible and can be giving prospective clients the wrong message about your business.

Thinking of a redesign?

Enclair works with clients on all web site redesigns to help polish up your company image.

  • – We work with you to structure the website with the end customer in mind. By making the site intuitive and easy to navigate visitors will be able to find the information they need and will begin a relationship with you. We can also develop websites that you can easily update yourself through content management
  • – by regularly updating your website you are showing visitors that you as experts in your field and it enhances your search engine rankings.
  • – Professional graphical design will help instill confidence by visitors showing them that you are professional.
  • – Interactivity – the site is designed so that visitors begin to engage with you and start a relationship by completing an online inquiry form or subscribing to your email newsletter.
  • Websites designed by Enclair are developed with search engine optimization in mind(SEO), in order to help your website be easily found.

Our Web Designs consist of the following 4 areas

  1. Web Design – W3C complaint XHTML & CSS coding, and a keen focus on website functionality.
  2. Marketing – An understanding of your online objectives and what you are hoping to obtain from your website.
  3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Search engine friendly website and maintenance of search engine techniques.
  4. Customer Services & Functionality – We developed to your exact requirements, no excuses.

“Potential customers and clients are searching…
But can they find you?”

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