Video Conferencing for Baltimore Maryland Businesses

AVer’s HVC Series is the most versatile HD video conferencing solution on the market today. It combines premium features such as full duplex audio, HDMI, multi-site conferencing and recording into a single budget-friendly, easy-to-use system. The included 3-year warranty with one year of advanced replacement is an AVer exclusive, and a testament to our solution’s reliability. The AVer system is perfect for any DC or Maryland based buiness.

Integrated 4-Way MCU

Makes it easy to video conference with multiple sites, wherever they may be.

Dual Directional Mics

With two directional mics included, all speakers are heard clearly and without interference.

One-touch Recording

Quickly capture meetings or lessons to a USB flash drive, with playback from any AVer unit or PC.

Snapshot Sharing

Take pictures using the camera during a live video conference to save or share as content for

Full Duplex Audio and Echo Cancellation

Crisp, clear voice quality means you won’t miss
a sound during your video conference.

Easy Integration

RS-232 support, remote API management and flexible connection options ease the strain on integrators and IT.

Video Conferencing Solutions

HQ and Branch Office Communication

For businesses with multiple locations, AVer Video Conferencing is the perfect bridge to efficient communication between branches. Clear video and audio serve to enhance meetings by allowing participants to see body language and understand voice tone to gain accurate meaning from presentations, demonstrations and reactions. The ability to communicate branch offices to each other and HQ, members are better connected while reducing the need for travel.

Existing Video Communication Expansion

For Maryland corporations with an existing room-based video conference infrastructure, AVer solutions allow companies to easily and affordably expand their video communication capabilities with additional endpoints and multi-point systems compatible with other H.323 products and





Partner & Client Communication

AVer solutions allow Maryland and DC business to build and maintain relationships with partners and clients, providing a consistent vehicle for virtual face-to-face meetings where equivalent travel and resource allocation would be restrictive.

HR Training & Continued Education

Reduce travel expenses by allowing HR representatives to conduct trainings and meetings over video to branch offices or remote employees. Allow consultants, benefits administrators and management trainers to deliver sessions over video rather than cover travel or on-site representation. Offer virtual education and distance learning courses for employees through video conferencing to expand trade and business education opportunities.


– Multipoint 4 Way MCU, Recording to USB, RS-232 Control


– Video Conference Endpoint, Meeting Playback