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Imagine a communications system that will improve not only the way you communicate, but also the way you do business.

A communications system with unsurpassed voice capabilities that also leads the industry in the trend of integrated voice and data, giving you the unified infrastructure, unparalleled choice, and customizable solutions your business needs to keep its edge. One that will actually improve the way your employees work to help your business do more business.

Managing the hundreds of communications your business receives a day can be timeconsuming and often frustrating. You and your employees spend so much time chasing messages, returning phone calls, and trying to figure out how to transfer information, that there's little time left for other work. There is a way to improve the way you communicate, so you can be more productive.

theNorstar Modular ICS supports dedicated Internet access devices that make available to your business such powerful branch-to-branch solutions as data networking, desktop messaging, digital networking, complex call centers, WAN support, interactive voice response (IVR), and voice mail. Plus, your Nortel Phone System offers many advanced features to make your internal and external communications more efficient-features like Internal Messaging, so you can leave a message for another employee who's on a call or away from their desk.

Nortel Phone System Maryland Service and Installation

For dynamic, larger or multi-site businesses that need sophisticated capabilities, Nortel Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System, our premier Norstar platform, grows to support up to 280 ports in various configurations. Software and system expansion modules enable you to grow as your business needs change, both in capacity and features. For example, you could start with basic voice messaging, then add desktop messaging, add enhanced call center services or take advantage of networking to deploy telephony applications in one place yet extend capabilities to many locations. Nortel Phone System Maryland offers an ideal solutions for any growing business.

Key Features:

  • High bandwidth to the desktop enables you to use applications like ISDN and CTI
  • Modular, scalable Design lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, while planning for the future.
  • Digital technology creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications.
  • Wide range of call processing and call handling features Designed to drive productivity and profitability into your business.
  • Reliability with one of the highest mean time between failures in the industry over 100 years.

Nortel Phone System

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"Imagine a communications system that will improve not only the way you communicate, but also the way you do business.."