Why are Baltimore businesses choosing Hosted PBX?

Do you need a phone network that provides consistently low rates, reliable connections and low costs? With the Hosted PBX system, your central office, home offices, satellite offices, mobile workers and even international offices can all be accessed through a single phone number. With Enclair's Hosted  PBX system, you only need an internet connection and one phone per employee. Not only that, but you won't be charged with the laborious task of purchasing any equipment other than the phones.

Hosted PBX solutions we offer to Baltimore

While multiple vendors require you to deal with all the traditional phone service concerns, with Enclair's Hosted PBX you deal with only one vendor and one bill. You will no longer have to worry about getting in touch with the maintenance company, the long-distance service provider, the local phone lines provider or the Internet service provider when your network goes down. Instead, our Hosted PBX system allows you to focus on providing the best service to your clients and running a successful business.

A reliable hosted phone system

Our Hosted PBX solutions are as reliable, simple and robust as traditional business phone systems, but offer so much more at a lower cost. Not only that, but our system requires only one point of contact should you experience any problems. The central points of the Enclair Hosted PBX phone system include:


Rather than dealing with a huge, bureaucratic telecommunications company that requires you to jump through hoops just to get the answers you need, Hosted PBX business VoIP services are delivered over the Internet OR other private connection.

Minimal capital expenditure

There is no customer premise-based equipment to buy, and with the Enclair Hosted PBX system, the VoIP phones, required routers, and all set-up fees can be rolled into one low monthly payment.

Free long-distance

With the Enclair Hosted PBX system, all the long-distance charges between your office locations are completely free, while the international rates are extremely low.

No technician fees

With the Hosted PBX system, adding, moving, or removing a phone or an employee from your phone system is as simple as plugging in a phone at a new location. The Hosted PBX system means there is no need for expensive technicians to traipse out to your office, even when it's time to update your auto-attendant recording or add a new feature

Easy to expand

Your Enclair Hosted PBX service is totally future-proof. No matter what new features may be developed, we can handle it – it's just a matter of integrating new software. You'll never need to